Novel COVID-19 Antibody Therapy Candidates Identified by Leading UK Biotech Consortium

  • Potent antibody drug combinations identified
  • Candidate antibodies could be used to treat and protect against SARSCoV-2 infections
  •  Antibody combinations differentiated from others currently being investigated
  • IONTAS a part of UK Biotech Consortium

The UK BioIndustry Association Antibody Taskforce, a leading UK consortium developing antibodies for treating COVID19 has today reached a major milestone – the identification of differentiated antibody combinations that will be taken forward for further development as an antibody “cocktail”.

The Taskforce has developed an accelerated and rigorous multifaceted approach to create a pool of over 600 novel candidates and identified a set of antibodies with the greatest potential. These candidate antibodies are the first to be selected for the next stage of development, following assessment by collaborators for potency.

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