Antibody and Antigen Production

Our protein production unit has a vast experience in the production of antibodies. We offer recombinant expression of antibody and antibody fragments in E. coli, ExpiCHO and ExpiHEK systems. We have expression vectors to produce IgG, single-armed IgG, Fab, Fab(2), VHH, VHH-huFc, scFv and scFv-huFc antibodies of different species, isotypes, allotypes and with wild-type or mutated Fc regions to modulate effector functions. We also produced and purify bispecific antibodies in different formats. The antibodies are purified using various techniques including affinity, size exclusion and ion exchange chromatography. We deliver from few micrograms to up to 5 g of protein with > 95 % purity and Endotoxin levels below 1 EU/mg of protein.
The team also provides custom-made and optimization studies for production of different protein formats and antigens. A pilot experiment is performed to test the feasibility for production in the systems we have in house and the yield, purity and stability of the protein are reported.

Deliverables (3-8 weeks):

From 0.1 mg to 5000 mg of QC’d protein (SDS-PAGE, aSEC-HPL, Endotoxin levels below 1 EU/mg of protein)
Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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