Antibody Functional Characterisation

We have optimized different functional assays for a deeper characterization of antibodies. Our functional assays include, but are not limited to, EC50 determination by ELISA and FACS; IC50 and Ki determination in ELISA, FACS, cytokine release assays, HTRF and fluorogenic assays. In addition, we determine kinetic parameters (on- and off-rate) and affinity (KD) by SPR and BLI, classify antibodies in bins by BLI and assess polyreactivity on DNA and insulin in ELISA. Our vast experience in the set-up of protein-based and cell-based functional assays together with top-tier instruments allow us to implement customized protocols. These capabilities are key in selecting a lead panel of antibodies with different mode of actions and comprising “the antibody”.

Deliverables (3-8 weeks):

Purified IgG/ Fab/ scFv/ VHHs (0.1-1 mg) and Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
Characterisation overview

Norte 2020