Credentials & Testimonials

“FairJourney Biologics was founded by a group of scientists that have a significant track record in generating therapeutic antibodies to industry standards. They have consistently impressed us with their speed and expertise.”

Mark Throsby

CSO, Merus

“FairJourney Biologics has shown excellent performance in a challenging project. Their team has demonstrated to be focused on guarantying high-quality results in a competitive timeframe and at an affordable cost.”

Mark Vaeck

CEO, Complix

“I was impressed by the remarkable efficacy, rapidity and smoothness of the service provided by FairJourney Biologics: 14 days between the hybridoma cells leaving our lab, and reception of the variable domain sequences! With scientists at FairJourney always readily answering all questions we had about the project. Very fruitful experience!”

Prof. Sophie Lucas

de Duve Institute Université catholique de Louvain Brussels, Belgium

“Many thanks to FairJourney Biologics for their invaluable help to design, develop and successfully qualify our potency ELISA assay. FJB even arranged on-site support for the transfer to our GMP manufacturing and testing site!”

Paul da Silva Jardine

Co-founder and CSO, Staten Biotechnology B.V.

“In the modern world of externalised drug discovery, we need to have great trust in the companies we work with. Technical skills are important, but flexibility, responsiveness and shared excitement for the science are also key to our mutual success. We found all of those at Fairjourney.”

Jonny Finlay

CEO, UltraHuman Ltd.

” Since initiating our first milestone-based therapeutic antibody partnership in October 2012, IONTAS have successfully completed multiple antibody discovery projects with companies based in the USA, Europe, Australia and Far East. IONTAS have also granted licenses to our antibody phage display library technology which has underpinned this success. For example, we granted a license for an antibody phage display library to Agenus, an immunology company engaged in the discovery and development of novel checkpoint modulators, vaccines and adjuvants to treat cancer and other diseases. ”

“FairJourney Biologics has demonstrated the capacity to deliver high quality antibody engineering services. The team is very experienced in phage display for the discovery of antibodies from rodent immune repertoires for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Humanization is performed by affinity driven selections of libraries to avoid loss in potency. Desired specificity and optimal affinities can be achieved by applying appropriate selection methods thereby delivering leads useful for the development of highly specific and sensitive diagnostic assays. The outstanding track record of its research team, has enable the company to provide us with new antibodies with excellent characteristics.”

Hans de Haard


“The experienced team of FairJourney Biologics worked with us in a very pleasant and collaborative way to develop several assay tools. They demonstrated to be very flexible and delivered on time.”

Arnout Gerritsen

Associate Director, Assay and Bioanalytical Science at Genmab

“I had the opportunity to work with FairJourney Biologics since last year and I am impressed by the skills and speed the different projects are delivered. I was personally involved in a project in summer 2013 in which we pulled out together 121 leads of highly specific antibodies in just 3 days. Moreover, the whole teams respires such a enthusiasm that it is a pleasure to work with FairJourney Biologics and I can recommend them to anyone looking for desired new antibodies.”

John Wijdenes

Mabdesign and CEO and consultant, AD&T consultancy

“I strongly recommend FairJourney Biologics for the Service of sequencing mAb variable domains. They have performed an outstanding work solving all the technical problems in a reasonable period of time. Moreover, they have provided a great quality-price ratio.”

Dr. Jesús Salvador

Assistant Professor, National Center for Biotechnology, CNB-CSIC

“Capella Bioscience is happy with the partnership with FairJourney Biologics for being capital efficient. Such a big antibody discovery team gives us the peace of mind, knowing that they have enough expertize to work with us.”

Steve Holmes

COO, Capella Bioscience

We have been granted approval for French Partners to receive tax credit based on our current research capabilities.

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