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FairJourney Biologics, a fee-for-service company, was founded in 2012 and has been profitable since 2013. The fast growth coupled to financial independence is a market validation of the excellence in antibody discovery and engineering and a guarantee of stable and strong partnerships.


years of combined experience in phage display and antibodies

FairJourney Biologics: the “mission impossible” antibody company!

An antibody is easy to make, THE antibody is a job for FairJourney

The experienced management team anchored in a high profile network of advisors and more than 50 years of combined experience in phage display, pushed the boundaries of the technology, accruing more than 100 different targets, spanning from:

– Ion channels;
– Kinases;
– Growth Factors/Receptors;
– TNF superfamily receptors and ligands;
– Blood proteins;
– Brain neurology targets;
– Tumor biomarkers;
– Cytokines and receptors;
– Immunoglobulins;
– Toxins;
– Virus;
– T cell activators, ligands and receptors;
– Checkpoint modulators;
– Non protein targets.

In different antibody formats, ranging from Fabs, IgGs, to VHHs, from different species (rodent, llama and human).
Our technology, with antibodies on the market, together with dedicated scientific teams enables superior quality with unmatched cost/benefit and fast delivery. Our success has prompted top tier biotech companies and big pharma to engage in long term stable partnerships with us. We change fixed costs in highly specialized teams into variable investment, fostering capital efficiency.
FairJourney Biologics takes advantage of its unique financial position fosters co-development programs with different organizations ranging from academia to other biotech companies and venture capital firms.