Antibody libraries

Human Fab Naïve Library

FairJourney Biologics offers a human library containing over 10 billion antibodies for the discovery of human IgGs.
As opposed to other existing human libraries in which single chain variable fragments (ScFvs) are the antibody format produced, FairJourney’s  library delivers human Fabs.
Compared to scFvs, Fabs are much less prone to aggregation issues and loss of activity when formatting to IgG. Therefore, the antibody format of choice of the human Fab library of FairJourney Biologics is a key feature for the successful isolation of human antibodies with desired target specificities and properties.

Llama VHH Naïve Library

The use of single domain antibody libraries generated upon immunization of llamas has proved to be a very valid method for the isolation of highly specific binders. Nevertheless, immunizations might not be the proper approach in certain cases i.e. availability of the antigen is limited, antigen is toxic, immunodominant epitopes. A cost-effective alternative to bypass these issues is to use a Naïve library of llama single domain antibodies.

At FairJourney Biologics we have generated a llama VHH Naïve library using biological samples from ten different animals that can be selected against virtually any antigen. The 1.5E09 size library has been validated and delivered anti human CXCR4 and anti HER2 VHHs with low nM EC50 values.

Llama VHH-huFc Naïve Library

Using the proprietary triple vector we have generated a Llama VHH-huFc Naïve Library using biological samples from eight different animals that can be selected against virtually any antigen. The 1.3E09 size library has been validated and delivered anti-human CXCR4 VHH-huFc molecules with pM EC50 values.

Immune Libraries

Complete sets of primers that allow amplification of mouse, rat, rabbit, llama and chicken VHCH1 and VLCL genes repertoires, as well as of llama VHH gene repertoires, have been developed at FairJourney Biologics. Using these primers the very experienced FairJourney Biologics team efficiently generate immune libraries for the delivery of highly specific and high affinity functional IgGs, Fabs, VHHs and VHH-huFc molecules.