Customized Service Process

The FairJourney Biologics royalty-free projects are the result of an easy-going process of joint and personal collaboration with the client. The process starts by the signing of a Confidentiality Agreement (CDA) to generate a trust environment and to protect the client information. A work plan, to be included in Research Service Agreement (RSA), is defined in close collaboration between you and the FairJourney Biologics Scientists. The work plan contains the important features of the project for the achievement of your goals.

Antibody discovery

  • Therapeutics
  • Pharmacokinetic and anti drug tools
  • Diagnostics
  • Imaging tools
  • Research tools
    • Llama VHHs antibodies
    • Rodent antibodies
    • Rabbit antibodies
    • Human antibodies
    • Chicken antibodies

Antibody engineering

  • Affinity maturation
  • Humanization
  • Sequence optimization

Antibody production

  • Recombinant expression of antibody and antibody fragments (bacterial and mammalian systems)
  • Multiple isotypes/allotypes/Fc effector mutants available
  • Fab/F(ab)2, monovalent IgG and bispecific formats also available
  • Custom formats made on request
  • Affinity, size exclusion and ion exchange chromatography purification

Deliverables (6-12 months):

10 Fabs/mAbs/VHHs

Sequences + 0.1 – 1 mg protein

Deliverables (4-6 months):

>10 Fabs/mAbs/VHHs

No loss of affinity or potency

   Deliverables (3-8 weeks):

From 1 mg to >1000 mg of QC’d protein

Low endotoxin levels

Case studies

The expertise, capacity and skills of FairJourney Biologics team is illustrated in several case studies that can be consulted here