Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics Virtual

Dr John McCafferty (CSO, IONTAS) will be presenting on our ‘Next Generation’ technology Mammalian Display and will also be on the panel for the “LIVE Moderated Panel Discussion and Q&A” at this year’s Antibody Engineering Europe Virtual event (24 – 27 Aug)

Abstract: Mammalian Cell Display to Select Developable Antibodies

The ultimate success in the clinic of therapeutic antibodies and bispecifics is related to their efficacy, safety profile, low immunogenicity and biophysical properties. Our mammalian display platform has allowed direct selection of antibody variants with reduced aggregation propensity and polyreactivity from large mammalian display libraries. Thus, mammalian display addresses developability issues during the earliest stages of lead discovery and optimization which significantly de-risks the future development of antibody drugs.

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