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FairJourney Biologics receives investment award at the DIT Business Awards 2022

FairJourney Biologics was invited to receive the “Investment Award” by the UK’s Department for International Trade, in recognition of the successful merger, in partnership with GHO Capital, with IONTAS (Cambridge, UK) in 2020, creating a global leader as a one-stop-shop for antibody discovery and development.

The Investment Award, awarded in the 12th edition of Department for International Trade’s award ceremony that took place at the Official Residence of the United Kingdom Ambassador in Portugal, aims to recognize Portuguese companies that entered the United Kingdom through an acquisition, confirming the importance of the British market in its strategy of international growth.

Chris Barton, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Europe, delivered the award along with Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Portugal, Christopher Sainty, to FairJourney Biologics, in an event at the British Ambassador’s Residence in Lisbon.

Ambassador Chris Sainty commented: “It’s extremely rewarding being back again with the British and Portuguese companies and despite huge challenges both on economic and social levels in the last two years, these companies have persisted until having success toward their ambitious goals. Today we recognise and celebrate their efforts.”

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FairJourney Biologics is a leading biologics CRO, providing integrated services across antibody discovery, engineering and production to global biopharma. The Company’s significant expertise in phage display technology, combined with a diverse approach to generating both immune and naïve antibody libraries have contributed to a market leading 99%+ project success rate.

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