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THE ANTIBODY SERIES 2022 Breaks 2021's Registration Record

THE ANTIBODY SERIES Attracts Over 3.5K Registrations Becoming the Biggest Innovation Conference in Antibody Discovery and Development

  • The Antibody Series 2022 hosted by FairJourney Biologics attracted over 3,500 in-person and online participants
  • Registration officially opened for 2023 – Click Here

Porto, Portugal – 16th September 2022: The Antibody Series (TAS), organized and hosted by FairJourney Biologics, leaders in the discovery and optimization of antibodies, celebrated the 2nd year running of the conference, bringing experts from leading industry and academia together for 2 days of scientific presentations and Q&A. Chaired by Ton Logtenberg, founder of MERUS N.V, the conference centers on discussing new and innovative ideas within antibody discovery and development.

The invitational event attracted over 3,500 registered participants online and in-person invited guests, participating in Porto, Portugal. The invitational in-person attendees consisted of Founders, C-level executives and senior scientists from virtual start-ups and University spin-outs to the largest Pharma and Biotech globally.  The annual conference has quickly risen to one of the fastest scaling events and has become an important calendar date in September for those working and innovating in antibody discovery and development fields.

Speakers from the conference presented on a range of antibody topics, including:

The Blood Brain Barrier and Targeting Neurodegenerative Diseases

  • Joe Lewcock – Denali Therapeutics
    Brain delivery of therapeutic proteins using an Fc fragment blood-brain barrier transport vehicle
  • Sander van Deventer –  VectorY
    Next generation vectorized antibody therapies for neurodegenerative diseases

Affinity, Avidity & Novel Mechanisms of Action

  • Paul Parren – LAVA Therapeutics
    Avidity engineering of antibodies
  • Peter Tessier – University of Michigan
    Drug-like antibodies by design and directed evolution

Antibody Technology and Optimization

  • Rene Hoet – FairJourney Biologics
    New Technology Developments for Future (Multispecific) Antibody Discovery and Optimization.

Artificial Intelligence and Antibodies

  • Yanay Ofran – BiolojicDesign
    Reimaging therapeutics antibodies using artificial intelligence
  • Aridaman Pandit – Abbvie
    Transforming immunology and target discovery using machine learning

Antibody Discovery

  • Jane Osbourn – Alchemab Therapeutics
    Mining the immune system for protective antibodies
  • Marta Amaral – Sanofi
    Trispecific antibodies as the next generation of T cell immunotherapy
  • Daniel Bedinger – Carterra
    High resolution epitope binning informs antibody drug discovery for infectious disease and enhances next generation antibody workflows

Novel Mechanisms of Action

  • Pablo Umaña – Roche
    Enhancing endogenous and synthetic immunity with engineered antibody-fusion proteins for cancer immunotherapy
  • John de Kruif – Merus N.V
    Discovery of a trispecific T cell engager for solid tumors
  • Nathan Robertson – MiroBio
    The Two Sides of Targeting Checkpoint Receptors
  • Fernando Garces – Gilead
    NextGen Biologics Engineering

Protein Sciences

  • Teresa Barata – Flow Eighteen38
    FairJourney Biologics Presentation
  • António Barroso – Flow Eighteen38
    Stable cell line development for Antibody Discovery and Production

Targeting the Tumor Micro-environment

  • Horacio Nastri – Incyte
    Inhibiting the Adenosine pathway for cancer therapeutics
  • Stephen Beers – University of Southampton
    Inhibiting the Adenosine pathway for cancer therapeutics
  • Jonathan Davis – Ivenra
    Using the B-Body Bispecific Platform to Specifically Target and Eliminate Tumor-resident Tregs

Dates have been announced for TAS 2023, taking place once again in Porto September 6 -7. Open registration is available through the official website that will guide you to the LinkedIn Registration page:

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