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The Antibody Series brings together experts from around the globe to discuss innovative ideas in antibody discovery and development. This year’s meeting is chaired by Ton Logtenberg (Founder of Merus N.V.) and takes place 6th – 7th Sept, 2022.

Biophysical Characterization and Protein Production 

Learn about the recent $5.6M investment made in to Flow Eighteen38’s protein production and biophysical characterization capabilities for partners.

Scientific Team

FairJourney Biologics has a team of scientific experts ready to consult, support and to maximize the success for your start up ,spin out or early stage venture. Individually and as a group, our expert panel of scientists have years of combined specialized knowledge and industry proven expertise to help your ideas and technology succeed in today’s market.

Production of Afucosylated Antibodies Case Study

Afucosylated antibodies display higher affinity to FcꝩRIIIa leading to enhanced ADCC activity, which can lead to improved efficacy of therapeutic antibodies. The aim of this study was to generate an afucosylated IgG1 antibody using 2-flutofucose peracetate, as previously described in Okeley et al., 20132.

Year In Review

TECH TRES caught up with FairJourney Biologics CEO, Antonio Parada, for an exclusive televised interview to discuss the challenges of 2021 and also what exciting news lies ahead in 2022 for the company and sister brands Flow Eighteen38 and IONTAS.

Cold Storage and Logistics Solutions

Visit this new offering, developed for and requested by partners internationally enabling controlled and secure storage and logistics of your biologic material, tailored to your needs. From agile logistics management and shipping of materials in the flow of an active R&D project, to long-term archival storage and everything in between.


Explore an exciting range of opportunities to work for one of  three leading antibody discovery brands, located in Porto, Portugal and Cambridge, UK.

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