Daniela Teixeira

Head of Discovery and Engineering Division
  • Daniela received her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Arizona and University of Porto.


  • Daniela started her career in 2008 as an Associate Scientist at Ablynx where she worked on the identification of Nanobodies®.  Daniela worked on multiple internal and collaborative Llama VHH programmes.


  • In 2012, Daniela joined FairJourney Biologics as Chief Operations Officer. Daniela successfully managed and ran scientific programmes. This included the setup of labs whilst also developing and implementing scientific processes and procedures.


  • In 2020, Daniela became Head of Discovery and Engineering Division, overseeing a team of more than 100 people and responsible for all programmes, including the development of the discovery and engineering antibody services.


  • Daniela also has an active interest and involvement in data-management systems and platform assessments (e.g. A.I) for the continual evaluation and improvement of in-house antibody capabilities to partners.


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