John McCafferty

Chief Scientific Officer at IONTAS

John McCafferty is a pioneer and inventor of antibody-phage display and co-founder of Cambridge Antibody Technology (now MedImmune, a fully owned subsidiary of AstraZeneca) for 12 years. In 2002 and after Cambridge Antibody Technology, John set up a group at the Sanger Institute which developed cutting edge protein expression and high throughput recombinant antibody isolation.


John then went on to head a research group within the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge with a focus on identifying anti-receptor antibodies with therapeutic potential in cancer indications.


In 2012, John formed IONTAS, using phage display to develop novel antibody therapeutics. He also developed the next-generation Mammalian Display platform, a proprietary technology allowing discovery of IgG formatted antibodies directly from very large mammalian display libraries. After the successful merger of FairJourney Biologics and IONTAS in 2020, John has taken the role of CSO at IONTAS, bringing further innovation and leading the technology team. To date, John has co-authored over 60 Peer Reviewed Publications.

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