Maria Pajuelo

CSO of FairJourney Biologics

Since 2012 Maria Gonzalez-Pajuelo is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at FairJourney Biologics.


Maria received her PhD in Biotechnology from the Catholic University of Portugal and continued her training in Molecular Biology at INSA in Toulouse, France.


Maria initiated her career in the antibody field in 2006 at Ablynx Phage Display centre of excellence, where she worked until 2012 on the identification of Nanobodies® (single-domain antibodies derived from camelids).


At Ablynx she worked as a Scientist-Team leader and was involved in internal therapeutic programs and collaborative programs with Boehringer Ingelheim. Maria was also part of a team that in a large internal research effort identified Nanobodies® against more than 100 different targets.


Maria was responsible for the setting up of labs and the scientific team during the first several years of FairJourney Biologics’s formation and growth. Currently Maria is responsible for development of antibody services and she is involved in building up the customer portfolio.


Maria is co-inventor in 12 patent applications on llama antibodies (anti-GPCRs, anti-ion channels, anti-Fc receptors and anti-virus antibodies) and co-author on 12 Peer Reviewed Publications.

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