Rakesh Dixit

Scientific Advisor

Rakesh Dixit, Ph.D., DABT is an accomplished C-level executive, inventor, and scientist with over 35 years of success with top biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, including Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and Medimmune – AstraZeneca. Recently Rakesh cofounded Regio Biosciences ( President and CSO). An AstraZeneca Spin Off company.


Rakesh was a Global Vice President of the Biologics R&D at Medimmune – AstraZeneca. Rakesh is a Board Member of Regio Biosciences and a key member of multiple scientific advisory boards. Rakesh is also the CEO of Bionavigen, LLC, a consulting and business development company. Rakesh is a chief adviser and consultant for more than 20 companies worldwide.


His biopharmaceutical peers selected him as one of the 100 Most Inspiring People in the Pharmaceutical Industry by PharmaVOICE in 2015. Rakesh received the Most Prestigious Award of Long-Standing Contribution to ADCs by World ADC Forum in 2020.


Rakesh has unique expertise in developing biologics (e.g., monoclonal antibodies, bispecific biologics, antibody-drug conjugates, fusion proteins, peptides, gene and cell therapies, etc.) and small-molecule biopharmaceuticals (Merck & Co., Inc and Johnson and Johnson). He was a key contributor to enable world-wide approval of more than 10 medicines. . His areas of expertise include discovery, early and late preclinical development, safety assessment, DMPK, and translational sciences.


Rakesh conducted extensive graduate and post-graduate training in Pharmacology/Toxicology–Biochemistry with both Indian and USA Institutions (e.g., Case Western Reserve University, Medical College of Ohio, University of Nebraska Medical Center) and is Board Certified in Toxicology from the American Board of Toxicology, Inc. since 1992.

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