Rene Hoet

Chief Innovations Officer at FairJourney Biologics
  • From April 2022, Prof. René Hoet is Chief Innovation Officer at FairJourney Biologics with the focus on implementation of new innovative antibody discovery and optimization technologies.


  • He obtained his PhD at the Un. Nijmegen, Netherlands (1988-1992) on autoantibodies and performed his post-doctoral studies at the Un Cambridge & MRC, UK (1993-1994).


  • René started his industrial career at Target Quest (acquired by Dyax in 1999) where his last position was Vice President Research and Operational Manager of Dyax SA. He was the driving force on internal antibody lead discovery as well as external collaborations and supported the out-licensing of Dyax’ antibody phage libraries (1999-2008). From these libraries, 4 antibodies have now been approved by the FDA & EMA.


  • Between 2008-2010, he was a member of the management team at Genmab and as Senior Director Research led the team Product Related Research, Scientific Communication & Translational Research. Together with his team, he ran the antibody discovery programs and actively supported Genmab’s clinical antibody programs.


  • René spent 8 years at Bayer AG (2010-2018) as Vice President Biologics Research, where his team was responsible for antibody lead discovery and optimization developing multiple antibodies from discovery into the clinic in Hematology, Cardiology, Gynecology and Oncology (including ADCs).


  • From 2018-2022 Rene worked as Chief Scientific Officer on the next generation Immuno-Oncology drugs, at Imcheck therapeutics (Oct 2018-April 2021) developing the first BTN3A gamma delta T cell activating antibody from preclinical stage into the clinic (now in Phase II) and at Montis Biosciences, Leuven, Belgium  (April 2021-Febr. 2022) developing first in class antibody drugs using a novel approach interfering in Tumor Endothelial Cell-Perivascular-Macrophage interactions to restore an immunocompetent tumor microenvironment.


René Hoet is also extraordinary Professor Biopharmaceutics at the University of Maastricht, Dept. Pathology, Netherlands, guiding researchers to use antibodies to bridge the gap between academic research and pharmaceutical applications.


He contributed to over 40 scientific papers and is inventor on 20 patent/patent applications.

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