Steve Holmes

Scientific Advisor

Steve Holmes graduated with a first-class honours in physiology and chemistry from the University of Sheffield and then completed a Ph.D. in thyroid disease at the University of Sheffield. After a career in academia as Associate Professor at Baylor college of Medicine where he received three NIH grants focussed on male infertility research he then moved back to the UK.


Dr Holmes moved into industry developing and managing diagnostic immunoassay projects at Amersham and designing OTC tests at Flemming, Gmbh. He then joined SKB to set up the monoclonal antibody facility and progressed to incorporate the immunology group and pilot plant under his direction as well as developing all SKB in-house therapeutic antibodies. Within the GSK organisation he established the new department of high-throughput biology on three sites.


Dr Holmes then moved into Biotech with Oxford GlycoSciences as Director of therapeutic antibody discovery (oncology projects) which was acquired by Celltech. His next move was to Domantis developing the therapeutic target portfolio for domain antibodies in oncology, autoimmune diseases, T2D and asthma. Domantis was acquired by GSK and in this organisation he established a target discovery group and was a member of the due diligence team working on all in-licensing opportunities for therapeutic antibodies. He then moved to Kymab where he developed the therapeutic antibody target portfolio and originated and started the KY1005 programme. Kymab was subsequently acquired by Sanofi. He founded Capella Bioscience with seed money from Advent LS and Medicxi and then secured $23M in additional funding before Capella was purchased by Centessa.


Dr Holmes has knowledge and experience of all aspects of therapeutic antibody development: mAb generation, mAb engineering, GMP manufacture, toxicology, clinical development and regulatory. He isolated and characterised the anti-IL-5 mAb now marketed as Bosatria (mepolizumab) to treat asthma; the anti-Siglec-8 mAb, Lirentelimab, for eosinophilic gastrointestinal diseases (P3) as well as anti-IL-4, anti-IL-18, anti-heparanase, anti-OX40L, anti-ICOS, anti-BMP6, anti-TNFR1 in early stage clinical trials. In addition, three mAbs are entering clinical trials from his time at Capella.

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