Antibody Discovery

From candidate selection to lead characterization and developability assessment

Our technologies offer the ability to mine large antibody repertoires to generate target specific antibodies with desired functionalities and biophysical properties. We provide the means to rapidly identify antibodies for different applications such as human therapy, animal health, pharmacokinetic and anti-drug antibodies assays, diagnostics, imaging and research. The discovery of antibodies from our technologies requires significant expertise in ensuring good quality antigens with native presentation, assay development (including cell based functional assays) and screening and characterisation regimes.

Our scientific team is vastly experienced in building and screening phage and mammalian display libraries for fully human, rodents, rabbit, chicken, and llama antibodies. Based on Partner needs, we screen thousands of clones and identify antibodies to a desired target with pre-defined characteristics as relevant affinity, specificity, and species cross-reactivity

Deliverables (4-12 months):
Intermediate and final overview report
Clone overview with screening and sequence data
Purified IgG/ Fab/ scFv/ scFv-Fc/VHH/VHH-Fc/Bispecifics and Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
Characterisation overview

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We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to our customers' needs, if you need R&D sample/material storage or logistics and the exact solution you are looking for is not described above, please reach out to us and tell us what you need. Our standard-setting mix of facilities, equipment, protocols, support systems and people is all but guaranteed to be able to help!

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