Fast Delivery of Superior
Quality Antibodies

Our technology combines fully validated naïve libraries with immune libraries and have resulted in antibodies reaching the clinic for our clients. Together, with a dedicated scientific team, we discover antibodies of superior quality with unmatched cost/benefit and fast delivery.

Our complete sets of primers allow amplification of human Fab and scFv; mouse; rat; rabbit; llama; and chicken VHCH1 and VLCL gevnes repertoires, as well as llama VHH gene repertoires. Using these primers, the very experienced team efficiently generates naïve and immune libraries for the delivery of specific and functional IgG, Fab, scFv, VHH and VHH-huFc molecules. Key to successful antibody isolation is the selection and screening regimes adopted during the discovery process. Our in-depth knowledge of phage and mammalian display and scientific expertise in antigen preparation, assay development and screening protocols has resulted in successful delivery in more than 99% of our projects.


  • Human
  • Mouse
  • Rat
  • Llama
  • Rabbit
  • Chicken

Antibody format:

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